Democracy Now

  • A new Biden administration plan announced Wednesday aims to make rent more affordable and protect tenants’ rights. This comes as rental costs in the United States rose nearly 25% between 2019 and 2022. It also comes as investors bought nearly a quarter of all single-family homes sold in 2021, making home ownership increasingly impossible for […]
  • Ukrainian Associated Press journalist Mstyslav Chernov joins us for an in-depth interview about how he and others risked their lives to document the Russian invasion. He is the director of the new documentary, “20 Days in Mariupol,” which has just premiered at the Sundance Film Festival. It tells the story of how Chernov and his […]
  • Israeli Forces Kill 9 Palestinians, Including Elderly Woman, in Raid on Jenin, Russia Fires Cruise Missiles Across Ukraine After Biden Agrees to Send M1 Tanks, Peruvian Lawmakers Move to Impeach Dina Boluarte as Protesters Reject “National Truce”, Suspect in Half Moon Bay Mass Shooting Charged with 7 Murders, Denied Bail, Vice President Harris Visits Memorial […]
  • Civil right advocates, educators and lawyers, like Ben Crump, are fighting Florida education officials who rejected a new advanced placement course for high school students on African American studies. Officials say the course “lacks educational value,” and Republican Governor Ron DeSantis claims the course violates state law. Opponents object to the course’s inclusion of works […]
  • On Tuesday, the Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists reset the Doomsday Clock for 2023 to 90 seconds to midnight, warning the world is closer to global annihilation than ever before, in part due to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. Since 1947, the Bulletin has maintained a Doomsday Clock to illustrate how close humanity is to the […]