• For decades, France has been the world's number one tourist destination, ahead of Spain and the United States. In 2019, nearly 90 million people visited the country. The aim had been to reach 100 million tourists by 2020, but then the Covid-19 pandemic hit. Yet after several tough years, the tourism sector is making a […]
  • A century and a half after her birth, Colette remains an icon: a bestselling author, a music hall star, a mime artist and, eventually, an elder stateswoman of French literature. We discuss her extraordinary trajectory with author Emmanuelle Lambert, whose book "Sidonie Gabrielle Colette" takes us through the many faces of the trailblazing artist. We […]
  • One of seven French detainees held in Iran is a "simple citizen of the world" who merely wanted to travel, his parents said Thursday, revealing his identity for the first time.
  • France will respect the terms of Burkina Faso’s request to withdraw its forces from the West African country within a month, France's foreign ministry said on Wednesday.
  • France’s equality watchdog has called for an “emergency plan” to combat widespread sexism that is affecting youths in particular, amid concern that the country’s education system is failing to foster gender equality from a young and vulnerable age. While online exposure to pornography is cause for particular alarm, experts say the sexist “backlash” is also […]