• Apple recently unveiled its Vision Pro headset at the Worldwide Developers Conference in California. With it, Apple is venturing into a market of head-mounted devices (HMDs) – which are usually just displays, but in this case is more of a complete computer attached to your head – as well as the worlds of virtual reality […]
  • A legal foundation for AUKUS is the freedom of navigation. This raises some fundamental issues under the international law of the sea which have mostly been sidestepped in AUKUS debates.  For example, where will Australia’s nuclear-powered AUKUS submarines be able to sail? Will there be limitations on their navigation? What does the international law of […]
  • International investors are likely to increase their exposure to Japanese equities or, indeed, consider including them in their portfolios for the first time this year and beyond. The reason is that the world’s third-largest economy is experiencing inflation that reached a four-decade high in February and continues to run hot. Sharp price gains are rarely […]
  • The launch of a new RISC-V software association makes open-standard integrated circuit design and open-source software even more of a challenge for the US government’s efforts to stop the development of Chinese high-tech and bend Europe to its geopolitical will. On May 31, Linux Foundation Europe announced the RISC-V Software Ecosystem (RISE), which it described […]
  • For weeks, US President Joe Biden publicly demanded that the issue of raising the debt ceiling was a done deal and not negotiable. As the prospects of national default loomed, the Biden White House quietly began negotiations with Republican House Speaker Kevin McCarthy, and arrived at a compromise in the nick of time so as […]