• Despite Western media reports that the Netherlands would follow the US guidelines on technology exports to China, ASML’s chief executive Peter Wennink said Wednesday that the company would probably maintain its level of exports to mainland China this year. ASML’s sales of chipmaking equipment to China rose from about US$700 million in 2016 to US$2.8 […]
  • The government of Belarus, which during the past three years has moved politically ever closer to Russia, is under pressure from Moscow to deepen its involvement in the Russian war on Ukraine. At issue is whether Belarus’s President-for-life Alexander Lukashenko will let Moscow’s armed forces launch from his country an assault on Kiev, Ukraine’s capital. […]
  • Since the Covid-19 pandemic was declared in March 2020, a recurring topic of debate has been whether official Covid-19 death statistics in the US accurately capture the fatalities associated with SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes Covid-19. Some politicians and a few public health practitioners have argued that Covid-19 deaths are overcounted. For instance, a January […]
  • Indonesian Minister of Investment Bahlil Lahadalia suggested that Indonesia is looking into forming an OPEC-style cartel for nickel and other inputs used in battery production. Nickel is becoming a hot commodity as it is a key input in the manufacture of lithium-ion batteries needed for electric vehicles (EVs) — and Indonesia has the world’s largest nickel ore […]
  • In 2022, North Korea exported tensions through stepped-up missile tests and threats toward South Korea. It also kept a national quarantine that prevented official imports of economic goods in place, but ultimately failed to keep Covid-19 from infecting the country. North Korea achieved a record number of around 90 missile tests of various types and ranges, including […]