• Ukrainian peace negotiators planning to meet with Russian representatives have been told “not to eat or drink anything” after the Russian oligarch Roman Abramovich and two Ukrainian peace negotiators were reported to be suffering from what is suspected to be the effects of poisoning. Details of how the poisoning occurred have not been confirmed – […]
  • Chinese property developers’ shares are under heavy downward pressure on Hong Kong markets after several said they may not be able to publish their annual results for 2021 as required by regulators by the end of March. Heavily-indebted property developers including Evergrande Group, China Aoyuan Group, Sunac China Holdings and Guangzhou R&F Properties all recently […]
  • US President Joe Biden’s ill-advised and reportedly ad-libbed call for regime change in Russia last week implicitly raised the question what kind of government Washington has in mind should President Vladimir Putin be deposed or voluntary step down ahead of Russia’s 2024 presidential election. Biden’s line of what might charitably be called “thinking” has long […]
  • Quantum technology, which makes use of the surprising and often counterintuitive properties of the subatomic universe, is revolutionizing the way information is gathered, stored, shared and analyzed. The commercial and scientific potential of the quantum revolution is vast, but it is in national security that quantum technology is making the biggest waves. National governments are […]
  • On Sunday, Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi completed a six-day tour of South Asia, his first in more than two years. The tour was largely aimed at taking stock and kickstarting progress in China’s Belt and Road Initiative in this region. This, of course, placed India aside, as New Delhi has not yet joined the […]